Alburtis Borough DCED PA Small Water & Sewer Grant Awarded

Alburtis Borough – DCED PA Small Water & Sewer Grant – successful grant application

Ott Consulting Inc. recently prepared a successful application to the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) for a small water & sewer grant. The DCED awarded the Borough of Alburtis a grant in the amount of $300,000. Ott Consulting Inc. is spearheading the preparation of plans for a sanitary sewer rehabilitation project which includes rehabilitation of sewer lines, laterals and manholes within the Borough of Alburtis.

The project is a continuance of the Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) reduction program, which aims to reduce the I&I issues by systematic rehabilitation and replacement within the Borough. The intent of the project is to seal leaking pipes and manholes and address structural concerns primarily by rehabilitation efforts. The results of these investigations will identify the appropriate rehabilitation technique. The rehabilitation project is scheduled for summer 2018.

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